I Combed Out My Second Set of Locs & This Is What I Learned

In August, I made the decision to start a new loc journey. I was tired of the detangling, wash day, styling and drying process after 3 years into my loose natural hair journey among other things. So I finally hit up my stylist Sabine of Sabines Hallway Natural Hair Salon for assistance.

Going into my appointment, I had an idea of how I wanted my locs to look. My first set of locs were roughly the size of a pencil and I had a little over 100 locs and the second time around, I wanted them a bit bigger because I thought it will be the best options for my roots. Sabine recommended that this time around, I do brother locks which are A LOT smaller. I knew I didn’t want that option due to the low density of my hair so we decided on thicker locs.
Additionally, my original set of locs were in box parts but this time around I wanted diamond parts because I wanted the locs would cover the parts. Sabine recommended that I do irregular parts because I would still be able to accomplish the same thing. As a perfectionist, I didn’t feel comfortable with that idea but I obliged it because she is the professional and she knows best on that front.
Lastly, I didn’t want to deal with the entire “awkward phase” of the locing process so I opted for the instant locing method rather than the standard palm-rolling method. Looking back, I wish I started this set with the comb coil (aka palm-roll) method so that if I was unsure about it (which I was) I could easily unravel them and start over. If I did a proper consultation with Sabine before beginning the process I would have avoided spending my entire Saturday combing them out but thats another story for another day.
As it stands today, I end up locing my hair on my own at home. I started them with box parts and they are roughly the size of my first set of locs.
I haven’t done a proper loc count yet but thats coming soon as I am still parting here and there and since I used the palm roll method, parting and re-parting is quick and easy!
I am so glad I started over! I no longer have that little voice inside my head gnawing at me about them.
I asked some of the homies on YouTube if they had regrets about their locs at any point in their journey and your responses made me feel so seen:
What I Learned:
  • Do a proper consultation with your loc stylist before beginning the process
  • Take your time in deciding what you want. Look at Instagram or Pinterest for Loc Inspiration
  • If you are a perfectionist like me, I do not recommend getting instant locs ; it’s best to start off with two strand twists, braids, or comb coils; that way if you don’t like it, you can easily take them out, or re-part or just start over.
  • It’s perfectly OK to start over! At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. PERIODT!

Did you have any loc regrets when starting your journey?

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