Luxury Staycation at the Blake Hotel

On my very first trip to Connecticut, I wanted it to be a memorable one so I decided to stay at the Blake Hotel near Yale University.


I had such a great experience that Mr. Man and I decided to book our luxury staycation there and it’s safe to say that it got better the second time around.

The Blake Hotel is a Modern boutique hotel that was named after Yale’s first female Law School graduate, Alice Blake. The hotel is located within walking distance to the campus as well as a host of shops and restaurants.
Whenever Mr. Man and I book a hotel suite, we usually ask for the top floor; at the Blake, we lucked out got the very top floor! The suite was A LOT bigger than the one I have during my first visit.
The attention to detail goes without saying. I especially loved the cruelty-free bathroom products.
If you’re a traveler that likes to cook your own meals while away, every suite at the Blake Hotel comes with a spacious kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stovetop, and ample storage – each appointed with Williams Sonoma dishes and kitchenware.
The Blake has both a bar as well as a rooftop bar restaurant, called Hamilton Park, located on the ground floor and top floor respectively. Mr. Man and I checked in on a day where the rooftop bar was closed but we were find a cute little art gallery they had on the sixth floor as well as some beautiful picture worthy spots on the main level.
The lobby is absolutely divine! If your a blogger, content creator or someone who loves to take photos, the Blake Hotel has various setups in the lobby to choose from including this cozy-looking fireplace and reclaimed wood table.
The only downside is while they do serve food at the hotel, there weren’t many vegan options to choose from but fortunately there were some shops nearby that were accommodating.
All in all, our staycation was a success and I look forward visiting other parts of the Constitution State!

When was the last time you went on a luxury staycation?

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