My Skin Microbiome Results

Before Credo Beauty reached out me about trying out a Dr. EJs skin microbiome kit, I haven’t heard of it but I was intrigued nonetheless.

Learning more about my skin has become a priority of mine these days especially since I’m taking a clean non-toxic approach to my beauty routine. Finding out what my skin likes and dislikes could help me get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation so I gladly accepted the skin microbiome test to try out.

The test was simple to do and I got my results back in less that 1 month. I was actually quite shocked at some of the findings which I shared on my YouTube channel.
I wanted to share more of my results on here so that you can compare your skin microbiome test with mine!

My Skin Profile

Recovery Routine
Maintenance Routine
Dietary Suggestions
The goal for me now is to use VERY minimal products for the time being and then follow up with the recommended maintenance routine. For the next 30 days here are the products I will be using:

Are you curious to test your skin’s microbiome? Sound off in the comments!

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