Top 5 Brown Girl Friendly Presets for Instagram

After many years of trial and error, I am FINALLY satisfied with my Instagram feed. Speaking with my blogger friend, LisaALaMode, really helped me hone in on the look of my feed and now I have the tools to curate a cohesive color story for the gram. 

I cover A LOT of what is necessary for a slamming IG feed in my latest YouTube video from the clothes and what you need in the background of your photo but another important element is finding presets for your photos. 

Presets are edits or adjustments that have been saved for use in Lightroom (or any other editing software) to recreate a certain look in one click.

Presets represent one of the most powerful post-production tools for simplifying the post production process and I want to share with you my favorites for chocolate skin!

In my opinion, the go-to place for finding presets is Etsy. I actually purchase all of my presets on Etsy; they are affordable and it’s a simple import process if you have Lightroom (fyi, Lightroom is recommended for these presets). With all that being said, here are my top 5 presets.


Bright whites, crushed blacks with cool undertones and chocolate skin


Muted tones, pops of white and bronzed skin


Muted tones and a golden sun-kissed look


Vibrant pops of white, crushed blacks with warm tones and chocolate skin


Bright with pops of white, warm tones and glazed chocolate skin

Classy is my preset of choice and what I currently use at the moment. I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon but if I do, I got plenty to choose from. 

I’m a lover of browns, earthy colors, pops of white and crushed blacks. What can i say? I like what I like! 

Hopefully you found my preset recommendations useful!

Will you be checking them out?

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