It’s Unreal Fur and It’s Spectacular!

After switching to a vegan diet in 2016, I made an entire lifestyle switch where I ditched every and anything that wasn’t vegan or cruelty-free ranging from beauty, fashion and everything in-between. Finding clothes that didn’t have some sort of angola, leather or cashmere was a challenge but these days, its gotten A LOT easier.

One of my favorite fashion finds has been Unreal Fur.
Unreal Fur is a cruelty-free fashion brand whose mission is to, “…End the use of real fur and animal products in the fashion industry by designing with vegan materials of the best quality in the world.” When they reached out to me about trying one of their coats, I was game!
After looking through the plethora of options, I decided to go with the Tundra coat.
The houndstooth pattern made from faux shearling wool makes it a timeless piece that can be worn season after season. Here are some additional details about the Tundra coat:
  • Bespoke Lotus eco lining in black
  • Knee Length Silhouette
  • Dual front pockets
  • Inner Pocket

I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear my Tundra coat and fortunately for me, my need for keeping warm versus my want of being stylish and cruelty-free during the New England cold is a struggle I no longer deal with thanks to Unreal Fur.
What are some things you look for in a coat?

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